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We strongly believe that all the complex problems in the world have simple solutions. One just needs to look deep enough to see them. We can help you find those simple solutions that will simplify how you do things as an organization and/or as an individual.
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Web Application Development

Whether you are starting a new business and need online presence, or need help in design/development, or not sure how online presence can help you grow your business, we’re here to help. We provide development in Microsoft .Net and WordPress/PHP technologies. Just talk to us or drop us a line.


We have extensive consulting experience in Norwegian market, ranging from designing, architecting, to refactoring solutions on larger scale. Do you have an application that is too fragile and needs fixing or maintenance? We provide consultancy in various areas in Microsoft technologies. Just talk to us or drop us a line.

Azure Cloud Development

Whether you have an application and wondering how to port it to Azure, or want to know the benefits of Azure cloud, we’re here to help. Want to take all the benefits of Azure cloud infrastructure but not sure how it can help your case? just talk to us or drop us a line.

Mobile Development

Whether you are a company wanting to take your applications mobile, or have an idea about an app but not sure how to start? we’re here to help. Not sure whether native, hybrid or html mobile app is best for your case? Just talk to us or drop us a line.
Sunil Khatri

Sunil Khatri


Sunil is an open minded, pragmatic and result oriented software professional / architect with over 15 years of experience in building software applications in various Technologies. He has worked globally with clients in USA, Europe and India. He believes that business drives technology and technology drives industry, and hence makes solutions catering to the business needs. He is a quick learner and keep himself updated with the ever-changing business, technologies and industry trends.

He has worked as an coach, architect, developer and team leader, and have successfully lead teams to build quality software. he has always been actively involved in competency building activities, such as holding sessions about new trends and best practices, and training to colleagues. He has built products in health care industry, document management, project management and content management domains.

Technical knowhow: ASP.Net, WordPress, NServiceBus, WCF, Azure (Cloud Computing), NHibernate, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, Ajax, jQuery etc.

Sunil is one of the most knowledgeable software architects I have ever worked with. His technical competence is quickly valued by peers, coworkers and clients alike. If you have worked with Sunil once, you will want to work with on your next project also, regardless of whether you’re the project manager, product owner or programmer. Sunil delivers, and he helps his coworkers deliver as well. Karl-August Brunstad

Senior Manager, Itera

Sunil is one of the most skilled, inventive and competent developers I’ve ever worked with. He has a great overview of various technologies, and he knows when it is appropriate to use them, not because it’s “cool”, but because it actually does the job. When working with complicated issues he is capable of thinking many steps ahead, and evaluate if the development process is headed in the right direction. He is extraordinary clear when speaking of complicated development matters, giving an understandable overview to fellow developers. When bumping into errors and bugs during the development process, Sunil will always figure out what’s wrong when others give in. He has my best recommendations! Morten Lund

Chief Consultant, Desidert

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sunil through a comprehensive web project with integration of purchases, maintenance and electronic messages from our website. We’ve been working on integration that was not previously done in such a large scale, and this has been resolved in a brilliant way. Sunil has throughout the project shown great understanding and constructive ability to solve the challenges. We can recommend his expertise and creative attitude to work in such projects. Ove Nordberg

Project Manager, Jernbanepersonalets bank og forsikring

Sunil has strong technical as well managerial capabilities that have enabled him to undertake challenging responsibilties. He has always led his team effectively, to ensure on time delivery of all project milestones. His expert troubleshooting capabilites came handy for various product installations for NSPL clients. He has strong technical inclination and had always impressed me with his knowledge on current trends along with his ability to leverage the same effectively for project productivity. Sandeep Sharma

Co-founder Yepme.com, Yepme.com

After graduating from college, when I Joined first job of my life, I got Sunil as the manager. Sunil for me was, my guide to my career. He is one of the best manager I ever worked. He taught me how to work in this software industry, he guided me in enhancing my knowledge.. guide to my career path. Vikash Mitruka

Development Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland

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